Why you need Professional Upholstery Cleaning


A Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service is a MUST if you have any Soft Furnishings in your home!

If your Sofas or Chairs have any type of a Soft Furnishing then they most definitely need to be Professionally Cleaned. Ideally this would be once a year but most certainly a minimum of once every two years.

If your wandering why your Furniture needs to be Cleaned then the same question applies to why anything else in the home is cleaned. To look clean, smell clean, get rid of dirt, dust, grime and bacteria.

The regular cleaning of furniture not only helps it to look Cleaner and more Beautiful but it will also help to maintain the quality of the furniture in your home which means it will last longer! Furniture is an investment so it is far more economic to look after it as opposed to having to replace it.

Regular vacuuming of furniture helps to get rid of any excess dust and dirt that the eye can see. This can obviously be carried out by yourself on a regular basis along with other household chores. HOWEVER this alone does not get anywhere near the level of cleaning that is carried out by an Upholstery Cleaning Specialist. The dirt, soil, dust, allergens and bacteria that nestle in and cling to the 'threads' or 'fibres' cannot be removed with just vacuuming alone. A professional Upholstery Cleaning Service is a far Deeper Cleaning Service with the appropriate Cleaning Solutions and Machinery. A Cleaning Technician will not only be able to get rid of these for you but they will also know which method to use. There are two different Cleaning Methods - Upholstery Dry Cleaning and Upholstery Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Method). The method used will be dictated by the fabric of the furniture in question. An Expert will be able to come to your home, view the furniture and know which method to carry out safely and effectively.

The Dry Cleaning Method uses a Dry Cleaning Solution with Machinery. The Deep Cleaning method uses Cleaning Solutions along with Machinery and Hot Water (Hot Water Extraction). This is a far Deeper Cleaning method however not all fabrics allow for this method. Again - this is why hiring a Professional is a must as they will know which one to use.

Furniture is an investment so regular cleaning helps to maintain the appearance and quality of it so that it lasts longer and looks more attractive.

What's not to love?

If you are ever in doubt as to whether the Professional you have hired is Qualified you can look at the NCCA website.

The NCCA is the only nationally recognised trade association dedicated to the cleaning of Carpets, Hard Flooring and Soft Furnishings.

If the Upholstery Cleaning Specialist is a member of the NCCA then your furniture will be in safe hands!

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