What types of sofa fabrics are easiest to clean? 


There’s no denying that sofas are a sizable investment, even if purchased from the seemingly never-ending DFS sale. With this in mind, it’s important to consider the potential damage your new settee might be subjected to. Upholstery in a lively household filled with young children and pets will suffer far more damage than if it were owned by an elderly couple. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a new sofa, remember to give thought to the type of fabric it’s made from, and whether or not it can be easily cleaned. After all, it would be unwise to spend a small fortune on a beautiful velvet chaise longue, only for it to be covered in muddy pawprints the day after delivery. 


5 stars

5 Stars - For households or commercial spaces where spillages are a common occurrence, leather upholstery is a great option. Accidents can be easily cleaned with a quick wipe and it cleans up very well with material-specific shampoo. Bear in mind that leather is a natural material, so it does require treatment to keep it in good shape. However, keep on top of its care, and you’ll relish the results for years to come. 

Faux Suede

5 stars

5 stars - Faux suede is a good option for those who want the aesthetic of real suede, but an easier to care for version. One of the major advantages of sofas made from this material is that they can be vacuumed weekly, keeping them in good condition. As it is a synthetic material, it is also possible to steam clean. For any particularly stubborn stains, it will come as a relief to know that this material responds very well to professional cleaning, as most types can be wet cleaned. 


5 stars

5 stars - Synthetic fabrics, such as olefin, nylon, acrylic, and acetate, are popular fabric choices for sofas as they are durable and easy to clean. When it comes to professional cleaning, these fabrics respond very well to deep cleaning. As a fabric that is widely used for upholstery, it won’t be difficult to find a polyester sofa that will suit your specific requirements for aesthetic and functionality.


3 stars

3 stars - Wool sofas are a popular option for public spaces such as offices and doctor surgeries. They can be maintained well through weekly vacuuming but may require professional cleaning for more stubborn stains. This fabric responds well to cleaning and can be professionally deep cleaned using a wet clean method.


3 stars

3 stars - Silk is a luxurious fabric, which makes beautiful upholstery. However, as a natural and delicate fabric, it requires attention and expertise to care for appropriately. It responds very well to professional cleaning. 


2 stars

2 stars - Linen is a durable option that wears well. It tends to become softer overtime, meaning it becomes more comfortable over time. Unfortunately, this is a fabric that absorbs stains easily. To clean it well, and avoid shrinkage, employ an expert who can professionally deep clean the sofa using the wet method. 


2 stars

2 stars - As a highly attractive fabric that’s soft to the touch, it comes as no surprise that velvet is a popular option for interiors. If it has been treated with a stain protection treatment, it can help ensure the longevity of the fabric, by keeping dirt and germs at the surface, making it easily wipeable. When it comes to a professional clean, it can only be dry cleaned, which doesn’t yield as thorough results as the wet method.


0 stars

0 stars - While viscose is as soft as silk, and available in a variety of colours due to its easy to dye nature, this fabric isn’t the best choice when it comes to maintenance. It is difficult to clean, and some professional cleaning services may even ask clients to sign a waiver if they wish to have it cleaned. Furthermore, it isn’t the most durable fabric although it does tend to be mixed with other fabrics (which makes cleaning even trickier!). We recommend that you consider the cleaning methods when buying a sofa made from this material if you like to keep your furniture looking its best at all times. Again as it can only be dry cleaned it doesn’t yield as good a result as the deep cleaning method.

As sofas are used daily, they’re prone to collecting dust and germs, which can cause problems for our health and hygiene. Therefore, whichever fabric you opt for, it’s vital to ensure that you keep your upholstery clean. Here at Phoenix Interiors, we offer a specialised cleaning service, where we clean your furniture according to the specific fabric it is made from. This ensures that your sofa remains in the best condition possible, making your investment worthwhile.