What are the Benefits of a Professional Curtain Cleaning Service?


From regulating sunlight, improving privacy, and providing a finishing touch to an interior, curtains are an important fixture in our homes. However, they are also a hotspot for particles such as dust and pollen. While it is possible to wash some types of curtains at home, there is a risk of fabric shrinkage and colour fading. Additionally, most domestic washing machines don’t have the capacity for a set of curtains. To keep irritants at bay, you may want to consider a professional curtain cleaning service. But besides removing germs and dirt, what other benefits are there to getting your curtains professionally cleaned?

Prolong the life of your curtains: Not only will a build-up of dirt leave your curtains looking unclean, but it can also cause wear and tear on your curtains, as well as discolouring. The longer curtains are left between cleans, the more embedded the dirt becomes. The longer these particles stay in the curtains, the more damage they will do to the fibres. Regular professional curtain cleaning will help to extend the life span of your curtains so that they stay looking fresher for longer, and reduce the potential of irreversible damage.

Avoid asthma and allergy triggers: The different particles that curtains play host to can trigger allergies such as hay fever. Additionally, dust particles may trigger asthma. Curtains made with thicker fabrics or multiple layers are particularly susceptible to collecting allergens. A professional curtain cleaning service will get rid of these irritants, vastly reducing the risk of reactions such as a runny nose, coughing or sneezing.

Keep mould away: Condensation on walls and windows can lead to the growth of mould and mildew on your curtains. This can lead to allergic reactions or even respiratory diseases. The spores they produce can be harmful when inhaled, especially to those who are more vulnerable, such as infants and the elderly. It is therefore important to frequently professionally clean curtains that are exposed to damp environments. 

Fully insured: Tackling the cleaning of your curtains alone comes with the risk of ruining the fabric. If this happens in your own home, you run the danger of having to invest in a new pair of curtains. Alternatively, a professional curtain cleaning service will be fully insured, so in the rare event that anything goes wrong, you won’t have to fork out to buy a new set. 

Given that curtains are made from a variety of fabrics, from silk to wool, from cotton to linen, it’s important to consult a professional to ensure that the best process is used when cleaning. A regular and specialised approach will help protect your family from health issues, while also ensuring that your drapes are kept in fantastic condition. 

At Phoenix Interiors Cleaning we offer a residential and commercial curtain cleaning service, curtain dry cleaning, and deep cleaning (steam cleaning, or hot water extraction). We operate across London, Hertfordshire, and Buckinghamshire. We can advise on the most effective method for every fabric with a 100% no shrinkage guarantee and are fully insured.

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