How To Begin To Declutter Your Home


Your home is a sanctuary from this hectic world especially during this second lockdown and a place that should make you feel calm and safe. Remember to give your home a daily hug by keeping it clean and clutter-free.

To get really organised and stay that way for the future, you need to first identify the most troubled areas in your home and make a plan.

Grab a notebook and pen and go from room to room writing down a list of goals, ideal décor and usage, what isn’t working and problem areas. You may also want to make a separate list for D.I.Y projects such as reupholstering a sentimental piece of furniture or simply having it professionally cleaned. In the current climate that we are in it may be easier on the pocket to simply have something cleaned rather than spend on replacing it with a pricier alternative. Everybody’s situation is different so that will always be a personal choice as there is no right or wrong.

If big lists aren’t your thing and you want to make it simpler, just note areas that need organising, decluttering and cleaning.

Writing down goals really makes you think about the bigger picture and your organisational plan for your space will develop form there. Staying clutter-free is all about changing your habits, so question the way things are and this will open the way for change and improvements.

To start choose the room that will have the biggest day-to-day impact on your life, it will make your feel energised and motivate you to keep going.

Each rooms organisational plan should be broken down into manageable tasks to keep you focused and in turn hopefully creating a life long organising routine.

Once you have completed each room have a closer look at what furniture you have moved or repurposed. Is there suddenly a clean spot underneath where the former furniture was or is there even a different colour of carpet now? This again is where you can think about having some professional cleaning take place to spruce up your new organised and decluttered living space.

Wish you the best of luck in your organisational journey. I hope you can create a beautiful, clean and functional home for you and your family to enjoy.

Stay safe.

Kellie Oakes of Oakes Organising & Decluttering



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