Curtain Mould Cleaning


As the weather worsens, the days draw in, and we hunker down inside, the central heating gets cranked up, and condensation gathers on our windows. This combination of warmth and damp makes the perfect conditions for mould to thrive on curtains. Mould is a type of fungus that appears as orange, brown, or black stains on walls, ceilings, and items such as curtains. Not only does the presence of mould look unsightly, it causes a dank damp smell, and it can even pose a danger to our respiratory health. Mould releases thousands of tiny spores, which can cause serious health issues when inhaled, particularly for the elderly or for infants. Fortunately for both your health and hygiene, the growth of mould on your curtains is an easy issue to solve, when tackled in the correct way.

As with anything, prevention is preferable to cure. To give your curtains the best chance of surviving the winter months, mould-free, there are some preventative measures that you can take. Leave the windows slightly open - just a fraction, to avoid too much of a cold draft - as this will allow the moisture to escape. Alternatively, some windows, often patio doors, come equipped with ‘trickle vents’, which can be opened to allow the moisture to escape. Doing this will help to prevent your curtains from coming damp, which gives you a greater chance of avoiding a build-up of mould.

If, despite your best efforts, your curtains have suffered from an attack of mould, fret not. It’s a relatively easy issue to solve. As a first step, vacuuming or brushing the curtains with a stiff-bristled brush can help to remove the majority of the growth. If you are choosing to hoover the curtains, ensure to dispose of the vacuum bag immediately afterwards, to avoid the spores from spreading throughout the home. If you opt for brushing the curtains, make sure to do this outside, so that you don’t spread the mould.

Should vacuuming fail to remove all the mould, your next port of call is the washing machine. However, although manufacturing guidelines may dictate that many types of curtain fabric can be machine washed, we would only advise machine washing for net curtains, as other types of fabric are at risk of shrinking. Should your net curtains not fit in the washing machine, then bring them to a professional cleaners, such as here at Phoenix Interiors, where we have the capability to wash large items in our industrial washing machine.

In the instance that the above methods fail to remove the mould, or aren’t possible for you, then take your curtains to a professional cleaner. Here at Phoenix Interiors, we have years of experience treating mould-infested upholstery. With a bit of time and TLC, the mould can be successfully removed, with long-lasting results that will restore your curtains to their former glory. We will steam and redress your beautiful curtains, returning them mould-free and ready for hanging, at a fraction of the cost of having to replace them altogether.