5 reasons why you should have Professional Carpet Cleaning


1. Carpets Get Dirty From Soil - Full Stop!

Soil is a mixture of dirt, dust, grit, and grime from outside of the home, inside of the home, and from the general air and environment that we live in.

This ‘soil’ can be a mixture of oil from the ground outside, hairs and excretions off of animals, food spillages, drink spillages, aerosols, humidity and more…

2. Soil Enters The Home!

This soil enters the home from not only clinging to the bottom of shoes, but also from clinging to the clothes we wear, from the natural oils in our skin/animals skin and from general day to day living. It isn’t always the obvious dirt that we see on the top surface as this is just the start of it! This ‘soil’ that enters the home can then be walked throughout the home from room to room and potentially ending up on sofas and bedding. If shoes ever come into contact with these items then it’s even more of a possibility but unfortunately it isn’t just from shoes as it rubs off of the clothes we wear. (Kids definitely don’t help this fact and we have two of them!)

3. You May Be Sitting In This Soil!

Everybody in the home is then coming into contact with this ‘soil’ and potentially ‘sitting’ or ‘lying’ in it.

Not only are they sitting in it but also breathing in the toxins from the ‘soil’ that started on the carpets and now potentially may be all over the home!

4. Soil Sticks To Carpet Tufts!

The vast majority of this soil can be eliminated by hoovering and this is where you can help to keep your home as clean as possible with regular, daily hoovering.  However some of the soil will inevitably cling to the bottom of the carpet fibres/tufts and this will not always be visible to the naked eye.  Overtime this soil can change the appearance and colour of the carpet and ruin the appearance of it.  

5. It's Not All Bad!

As ghastly as this all sounds it’s not all that bad as you can help to keep your homes and carpets as clean as possible with a professional carpet cleaning service. According to The National Carpet Cleaning Association (NCCA) “at least once every 12-18 months” is ideal for keeping carpets clean and at their best. This will help to not only keep your carpets looking lovely and clean but will also help to maintain the lifespan of your carpets. Carpets are an investment so it makes sense to maintain them as opposed to replacing them - especially when all it takes is regular hoovering and a regular professional carpet cleaning service.

The Carpet Cleaning Process:

  • Carpet are first hoovered. This is to remove the top layer of ‘soil’.
  • Carpets are then pre sprayed with carpet cleaning solutions.
  • Carpets are then agitated which helps to lift up the carpet fibres and helps to get the cleaning solutions into the carpet fibres/tufts
  • Carpets are then cleaned with our hot water extraction method which combines hot water, cleaning solutions and machinery.

The result - you are left with clean, fresh carpets which helps your home to look and smell clean whilst ultimately being hygienic.

The National Carpet Cleaning Association - NCCA (of which we are proud to be members of) carried out a survey in Spring 2019 and the results were quite amazing as to the habits of the public.
Take a look at the NCCA survey here.